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Jackson Seed Service is proud to be one of Southwestern Ontario's top soybean processing, cleaning, and distribution centres.

Pedigree Soybean Seeds

Jackson Seed Service has the facilities to properly process GMO and non-GMO soybean seeds

Food Grade Soybeans

Cleaned, tested, and packaged onsite before being shipped to international producers of soy products

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Jackson Seed Service was created in 1979 as a local seed cleaning and processing plant

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Advanced technologies to process, condition, package, and distribute the highest quality food and seed grade soybeans

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Jackson Seed Service is known for quality products

Food Grade Soybeans

The Food Grade Division of Jackson Seed Service is dedicated to processing and distributing only the finest edible soybeans. Grown by local farmers, these soybean seeds are cleaned, tested, and packaged onsite before being shipped to international producers of soy products. Jackson Seed Service uses advanced technology and machinery during all stages of processing in order to ensure that all of their beans meet food quality and safety regulations.

The beans processed by Jackson’s Food Grade Division are used for making tofu, soy milk, temeh, soynut snacks, and other foods. Edible beans differ from field and seed soybeans both in size, taste, and texture. Food grade soybeans are larger-seeded, milder-tasting, and easy to digest. The edible soybeans processed at Jackson’s also contain a lower percentage of gas-producing starches. Soybeans are high in protein, a source of amino acids, and full of fibre.

Food grade soybeans are produced with similar production techniques as seed grade soybeans, but require more careful harvesting practices. The beans must be handled with care to avoid any broken, diseased, or stained beans. Generally, the price for food grade soybeans is a little higher than GMO, due to the added practices necessary to produce a crop.

If you would like to learn more about the Food Grade Division of Jackson Seed Service, please contact us. A Jackson representative will be happy to provide you with more detailed processing information.